December 9, 2022


Can't Wait For "Home of the Dragon"? Learn the Spoilers in "Fireplace and Blood"

The upcoming HBO sequence “Home of the Dragon” follows the story of Home Targaryen centuries earlier than the occasions of “Recreation of Thrones.” The George R.R. Martin guide this sequence relies on, “Fireplace and Blood,” is definitely the primary in a deliberate two-volume set chronicling centuries of Targaryen rule in Westeros. Whereas “Home of the Dragon” will probably observe “Fireplace and Blood,” it’s totally a lot attainable that this sequence will make some main departures from the supply materials as “Recreation of Thrones” did. Nevertheless, should you’re seeking to get an entire overview of Martin’s unique model of the story, you have come to the best place. Learn on, however beware: The night time is darkish and stuffed with spoilers.

Aegon’s Conquest

“Fireplace and Blood” begins with Aegon I’s conquest of Westeros after he leads his household out of Essos. After a prolonged civil struggle in his homeland is settled, Aegon turns his consideration west to unify the Seven Kingdoms underneath his personal rule. The struggle rages for about three years, with a few of the nice Homes of Westeros surrendering shortly, whereas others resist.

Among the many Homes conquered in Aegon’s invasion are a number of names that “Recreation of Thrones” followers will acknowledge. Home Baratheon comes into play, when Orys Baratheon, a Targaryen commander, overruns the Stormlands and marries the daughter of the Storm King to determine his personal noble home. Within the west, Homes Gardener and Lannister ally in opposition to Aegon and battle an excellent battle. Home Lannister is conquered, Home Gardener is extinguished, and the Gardeners’ stewards, Home Tyrell, give up and ally with Aegon.

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Within the North, Torrhen Stark chooses to bend the knee to Aegon quite than trigger extra bloodshed. Solely Dorne really holds out, with a promise of a larger battle to return. Aegon turns the swords of his former enemies into the Iron Throne and chooses to rule from a brand new metropolis, King’s Touchdown.

The guide chronicles the next years of Aegon’s reign, as properly. Some of the notable occasions throughout his reign is his ongoing try to beat Dorne. After a sequence of prolonged battles wherein neither aspect achieved decisive victory, Aegon and Home Martell conform to be at peace. Within the years following Aegon’s demise, his sons, Aerys I and Maegor I, take care of their very own issues, together with rebellions that they should suppress.

The Reign of Jaehaerys I

A big part of “Fireplace and Blood” is devoted to the reign of Jaehaerys I, the longest-ruling Targaryen king. Often called the “Sensible” king and the “Conciliator,” his reign begins out with battle, when he chooses to marry his sister, Alysanne. Jaehaerys resists the makes an attempt of many — together with his personal mom and advisors — to cease the wedding or take away him from energy.

Jaehaerys’s reign entails many ups and downs. He institutes many reforms in Westeros, from modifications in taxes, to making a complete set of legal guidelines. He additionally offers with each man-made and pure disasters, together with a famine and subsequent plague that kills indiscriminately, together with considered one of Jaehaerys and Alysanne’s personal youngsters. The couple have 13 youngsters, with 9 making it to maturity. Notable amongst them are their eldest son and inheritor, Aemon, who marries a Baratheon woman, and Baelon, who marries his sister Alyssa and has three youngsters: Viserys, Daemon, and Aerys.

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The demise of Prince Aemon throws Jaehaerys’s later reign into uncertainty. Aemon has no son, solely a daughter, Princess Rhaenys. Jaehaerys (to the disapproval of many, together with his spouse) as an alternative declares his second son Baelon to be the brand new inheritor. This determination proves to be a pivotal level, as Baelon additionally doesn’t outlive his father, leaving the succession much more difficult.

The Dance of the Dragons

Following Jaehaerys’s demise, after a 55-year reign, his grandson Viserys turns into King Viserys I. The query of Viserys’s successor winds up being the reason for a significant rift inside the Targaryen clan with everlasting penalties. Viserys’s first marriage, which ends when his queen Aemma dies in childbirth, solely produces one inheritor: Princess Rhaenyra.

Viserys chooses to make her his inheritor, and raises her from childhood to be ruler. Later, nevertheless, he remarries, and this time, he and his queen, Alicent, have sons. Rhaenyra is also married twice, with youngsters from each marriages. Her second marriage is to Prince Daemon, her father’s youthful brother.

When Viserys dies, he nonetheless intends Rhaenyra to succeed him, however Alicent and their eldest son Aegon produce other plans. Aegon is topped Aegon II, whereas Rhaenyra is not even instructed of her father’s demise till after Aegon’s takeover. When she learns the reality, she vows revenge and establishes her personal, rival council to take again what she believes is her rightful inheritance.

The struggle drags on for a number of years, with the rival Targaryen factions gaining and shedding floor whereas additionally coping with the continuously shifting allegiances of these round them. A number of heirs from each claimants to the throne are killed. A battle between dragonriders — Rhaenyra’s half-brother Aemond and her husband Daemon — ends with each of them crashing to the bottom. Daemon’s physique isn’t discovered.

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In the long run, each Aegon II and Rhaenyra are solely in a position to rule briefly. Finally, each are killed, together with a lot of their members of the family and dragons. Rhaenyra and Daemon’s son ultimately is topped Aegon III, and he marries Aegon II’s daughter Jaehaera to unite the warring branches.

The Aftermath

Following the Dance of the Dragons, Targaryen succession turns into extra difficult, male-dominated, and controversial. The civil struggle additionally practically wipes out dragons altogether. “Fireplace and Blood” chronicles solely the start of Aegon III’s reign, whereas he’s nonetheless a boy underneath a regency. The at present unpublished sequel is probably going supposed to hold on the Targaryen historical past till it catches up with the occasions of “Recreation of Thrones.”