August 16, 2022


115+ Candy Names For Women That Are Cute as a Button

Discovering the right title to suit your lovable little child may be daunting, for positive — however it will also be loads of enjoyable. What’s sweeter than parsing by baby-name lists and dreaming about your future little one? Will they be a Juniper, an Alice, or a Noa? Which title will finest match their character — as a brand new child, a little bit child, and finally an grownup? Is there a particular beloved one your child’s title can honor? What’s going to it’s wish to name out this title on the playground — to establish your self as so-and-so’s father or mother? Certain, there’s loads of stress. However there’s additionally loads of pleasure.

In fact, it may be overwhelming. In case you google “child lady names,” as an illustration, you will be confronted with 1000’s of outcomes. So in case you’ve been struggling to search out that good child title, look no additional. We have put collectively the very best beginning place: an in depth listing of a few of our favourite names which are as cute and particular as your cute-as-a-button child lady is bound to be. Whether or not you are on the lookout for a novel title, an aesthetic title, a reputation with a that means or origin that resonates with you, or the entire above, there’s undoubtedly a cute title or two on this listing that you’re going to love. (Most of those names are unisex, and in case you’re on the lookout for a extra historically masculine title, we put collectively an identical listing right here.)

We additionally pulled meanings and origins of every title from Nameberry as a result of typically realizing the that means helps information you to probably the most good, cutest title to your little lady. Forward, take a look at the listing of women’ names from A to Z which have a genuinely lovable ring to them.

Table of Contents

Cute Woman Names That Begin With A

  • Addison: English — “Son of Adam”
  • Adley: Hebrew — “God is simply”
  • Agnes: Greek — Pure
  • Amara: Arabic — Grace; immortal; tribe
  • Amelia: German — Work
  • Amie: French — Beloved
  • Arabella: Latin — “Yielding to prayer”
  • Aria: Italian & Hebrew — Air; lion; tune
  • Aspen: English — Shaking poplar tree
  • Aubrey: French — “Elf ruler”
  • Aurelie: French — “The golden one”
  • Ava: Hebrew — Life; hen; water
  • Avery: English — “Ruler of the elves”

Cute Woman Names That Begin With B

  • Bailey: English — Occupational title; legislation enforcer, bailiff
  • Beatrice: Latin — Blessed; “she who brings happiness”
  • Bexley: English — Place title
  • Birdie: English — Hen
  • Braelynn: American — Energy
  • Brea: Italian — Vigour; liveliness
  • Bree: Irish — Energy; “exalted one”
  • Brinley: English — Burnt meadow
  • Brooklyn: Dutch — Marshland

Cute Woman Names That Begin With C

  • Callie: Greek — Lovely
  • Cecily: Latin — Blind
  • Chloe: Greek — “Younger inexperienced shoot”
  • Clara: Latin — Brilliant; clear
  • Colette: French — “Folks of victory”
  • Cora: Greek — Maiden

Cute Woman Names That Begin With D

  • Dahlia: Swedish — Dahl’s flower
  • Daisy: English — Day’s eye
  • Dakota: Sioux — “Pleasant one”
  • Dale: English — Valley
  • Daphne: Greek — Laurel tree; bay tree
  • Darby: Irish or Norse — “Free from envy”; “from the deer property”
  • Diem: Latin — Day

Cute Woman Names That Begin With E

  • Eden: Hebrew — Place of enjoyment; delight
  • Effie: Greek — Nice speech
  • Ellerie: English — “Descendant of Hilary”
  • Elsie: Scottish — “Pledged to God”
  • Embry: English — Flat-topped hill
  • Emma: German — Common
  • Everly: English — “Wild boar in woodland clearing”
  • Evie: Hebrew — Life

Cute Woman Names That Begin With F

  • Fawn: English — Younger deer
  • Faye: English — Fiary
  • Fiona: Scottish — White; truthful
  • Fleur: French — Flower

Cute Woman Names That Begin With G

  • Gabriella: Italian — “God is my energy”
  • Gracie: English — Advantage title, grace

Cute Woman Names That Begin With H

  • Hadley: Italian — “God is my energy”
  • Harper: English — Advantage title, grace
  • Hartley: English — Stag meadow
  • Hensely: English — Woody clearing
  • Hope: English — Advantage title

Cute Woman Names That Begin With I

  • Ida: German — “Industrious one”
  • Imogen: Celtic — Maiden
  • Ines: Italian — Pure
  • Eire: Irish — Place title
  • Isabella: Spanish — “Pledged to God”
  • Isla: Spanish — Island
  • Ivy: English — Botanical title

Cute Woman Names that Begin With J

  • Jade: Spanish — “Stone of the facet”
  • Jane: English — “God is gracious”
  • June: Latin — Roman goddess Juno
  • Juniper: Latin — Younger

Cute Woman Names That Begin With Okay

  • Kaia: Spanish — “Stone of the facet”
  • Kennedy: Irish — Misshapen head
  • Kenzie: Scottish — “Son of Kenneth”
  • Kiera: Irish — Little darkish one
  • Kinsley: English — King’s meadow

Cute Woman Names That Begin With L

  • Layla: Arabic — Night time
  • Lily: English — Flower title
  • Luna: Latin — Moon

Cute Woman Names That Begin With M

  • Madeline: Arabic — Night time
  • Mae: English — Pearl; bitter
  • Makena: Irish or African — Completely happy one
  • Merritt: English — Boundary gate
  • Mia: Italian — Mine; bitter
  • Mila: Slavic — Gracious; expensive

Cute Woman Names That Begin With N

  • Naya: Swahili — Wave; resolve; brilliance
  • Nova: Latin — New

Cute Woman Names That Begin With O

  • Olive: Latin — Olive tree
  • Oriana: Latin — Daybreak

Cute Woman Names That Begin With P

  • Paislee: Scottish — Church
  • Paloma: Spanish — Dove
  • Pearl: Latin — Gem stone
  • Penelope: Greek — Weaver
  • Penny: English — Weaver
  • Piper: English — Occupational title; pipe or flute participant
  • Posie: English — A bunch of flower

Cute Woman Names That Begin With Q

  • Quinn: Irish — Intelligence; “descendant of Conn”

Cute Woman Names That Begin With R

  • Rae: English — Ewe
  • Rayna: Hebrew — “Track of the Lord”
  • Rose: Latin — Flower title
  • Rowan: Scottish & Irish — Rowan tree; little redhead

Cute Woman Names That Begin With S

  • Sadie: Hebrew — Princess
  • Sahara: Arabic — Desert
  • Scarlett: English Scarlet pink
  • Sicily: Italian Place title
  • Sloan: Irish Raider
  • Sophie: French Knowledge
  • Stella: Latin Star

Cute Woman Names That Begin With T

  • Taylor: English Occupational title; tailor
  • Teagan: Irish or Welsh Truthful; little poet
  • Thea: Greek Goddess; godly
  • Tinley: English — Hedge; fence

Cute Woman Names That Begin With U

  • Uri: Hebrew My flame; my gentle

Cute Woman Names That Begin With V

Cute Woman Names That Begin With W

  • Waverly: English Meadow of quivering aspens
  • Weylyn: Celtic Son of the wolf
  • Willa: German Resolute safety
  • Willow: English Willow tree

Cute Woman Names That Begin With X

  • Xael: Greek From the ocean

Cute Woman Names That Begin With Y

  • Yvette: French Yew tree

Cute Woman Names That Begin With Z

  • Zara: Hebrew & Arabic Blooming flower; “God remembers”
  • Zaylee: Muslim Berry wooden
  • Zinnia: German Flower title; Zinn’s flower
  • Zoe: Greek Life
  • Zuri: Kiswahili — Good; lovely

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